About Us

Every now and again one manages to capture magic: the magic of holidays stretching out , the magic of wind chimes, shooting stars, fireflies, sandy beaches… Every now and again one is reminded that life is more than what is visible; more than the sum total of its parts. Every now and again.

This blog is an attempt to re-capture that magic… the magic of broken people coming together with the Light shining through that creates beauty through our differences and brokenness.

Who are we?

We are part of an organization called Emmanuel Hospital Association (www.eha-health.org), which is a fellowship of 20 hospitals and 30 community development projects across rural and semi-urban areas of 14 states of India.

10 years back, disability became very real for one family working in EHA.  In responding to their son’s needs, they initiated work with children with disabilities which has now become a movement within EHA. Presently, efforts are being taken to include people with disabilities into the health care and development activities across the organization.

7 Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) projects have also been started at:

  • Herbertpur in Uttarakhand (Anugrah Program)
  • Mussorrie in Uttarakhand (Samvedna Project)
  • Raxaul in Bihar
  • Tezpur in Assam
  • Satbarwa in Jharkhand
  • Chhatarpur in Madhya Pradesh
  • Kachhwa in Uttar Pradesh

Our vision is fellowship for transformation through caring.

Our core belief is that we are called upon to value people with disabilities as being created in God’s image, that we are different parts of the same body (1 Cor. 12:20 ) and that our brothers and sisters with disabilities are messengers from God in our midst.

In these pages, you will read our stories; you will get to know us, our families, our struggles, the lessons we are learning. We share with you the ‘thin places’ where we have the privilege of experiencing Eternity in the common place, Shalom in the midst of brokenness, and Hope in the midst in the suffering.

We invite you to read, write in and pray as we live with the realities of disability in a fallen world – that we may remain faithful till He calls us home or till He comes.


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