photography contest for all EHA employees

The theme for the contest is ” THE JOY IN DISABILITY ” – Having eyes that see…..
helping those with obvious disabilities to look beyond the challenges of those with disabilities and to celebrate their lives.
cash prizes will be awarded to the first 3 winners at the RGB-2013.
* Every EHA employee is eligible.
* Only one entry will be accepted per person. The entry must be the original work of the sender.
* Photographs may be taken of individuals or group of people with disability. (any disability)
* Any photo which shows disrespect to the people with disability will be disqualified.
* Photographs must be taken only with the permission of the person being photographed.
* The resolution of the photograph must not be less than 300 dpi.
* The entry must consist of a photograph and a title describing the photo. the title can be in English or Hindi.
* The photographs should be submitted as a soft copy email attachment to the
* If the entries exceeds 30, a panel of Non-EHA judges will select the best 30 entries that will be displayed in the exhibition at RGB.


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