This morning’s devotion left a word echoing in my heart – ‘blessed’.
Max Lucado called it ‘sacred delight’.
Delight because it is a life held together by joy. Sacred because He does the holding together (Col 1:17).
A life of sacred delight…
delight in the difficult places we live in and work in,
delight in helplessness of apparently unchanging circumstances,
delight in the weariness that comes following the giving,
delight in the midst of heartache of those we are involved with walking away,
delight in the daily-ness of everyday.
We delight in all these situations not because we are masochistic
but because we delight in the Lord,
the El-Shaddai God who is sufficient in all these situations;
into my not-enough-ness, the God-who-is-enough speaks.
As we go back to our project areas after four days of having ‘come apart’,
we choose to go back because of joy…
for the joy set before us…
And this is sacred because this joy is given.
Sacred delight!


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